Our Taxi

The London cab is one of the best-known and best-loved vehicles in the world. Our cab is an LTI (London Transport International) TX1, now retired from its previous life on the streets of London.

Potted History Tours Black Cab

Groups are small - up to 5 people, making your experience relaxed and personal. People face each other and conversation flows...or you can have the cab all to yourself if you prefer. The tour rate is for the whole cab and for the whole day, not per person. We do offer single person discounts though. Please see individual tour pages for details.

The cab is uniquely decorated inside and feels eccentrically British. It's not an immaculate chauffeur-driven limo, but you can have that anywhere. Because you're not on a massive coach travelling down a motorway, you get more of a feel for the countryside. The taxi wends its way down pretty country lanes that bigger buses cannot reach. These tours are very much about the journey, not just the destination.

The benefits of our taxi...

The Personal Touch
Tour parties are small - up to 5 people, ideal for family and friends groups.

Did you know...

By law, taxicabs had to be tall enough for a passenger to sit comfortably while wearing a bowler hat.

Prices & Book

Full Day Tour (up to 5 people) - £350.00

Half Day Tour (up to 5 people) - £200.00

You Say...

Jane Gray
The taxi was very comfortable and made the trip very enoyable. Much better than a coach or having to drive yourself and you can have a lunchtime drink!
Jane Gray