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Potted History Tours Picnic

We provide fresh locally sourced and rather delicious picnics. You don't have to carry your picnic hamper around with you. We'll set it all up so it's ready at a time that suits you, all lovely and chilled and in beautiful surroundings. Leave the crowds to jostle elbows, queue in the canteen and struggle to find a table, while you relax and savour your posh picnic.

We have three different picnic options (see dropdown panels) with a wide variety of local, fresh ingredients to choose from which means there is something for everyone.

Why not try our Tudor themed 'Henry Ate' picnic, featuring a spread of food similar to what Henry himself would have consumed, although perhaps not in quite the same volume, and without the swan or peacock! Or sample our Garden of England picnic featuring a wide variety of seasonal local produce that will round off your day perfectly.

Kent and Sussex produce some of the finest, most memorable food and drink in the country. This area is famous for orchards ripe with apples, pears and cherries. Fertile soil, a benign climate and centuries-old expertise create prime growing conditions for strawberries and grapes. Dotted with oast houses and hop gardens, Kent is renowned for its rich beer-making heritage, and a 350-mile long coast produces an abundance of seafood. Deer are plentiful in the Weald of Kent – vast tracts of it were once royal hunting forest – so venison has been enjoyed here for centuries.

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Perhaps you'd like our teddy bears' picnic with fun items especially chosen for the little ones. British weather is notoriously fickle, but we still love a good al fresco lunch in the warmer months. Picnics can be booked up to 48 hours before your tour day, giving you a chance to check the weather report. We will need 3 days notice for any special dietary requirements though.

We provide the picnic hamper, rug, cushions and shade - everything you need. All you have to bring is a rumbling tummy.

Henry Ate Picnic: £25.00 per person
Teddybear's Picnic: £15.00 per child (16 and under)
Garden of England Picnic: £25.00 per person

Choose your picnic...

Henry Ate

Henry VIIIYour hamper will contain a selection of the kinds of food that King Henry himself would have feasted upon, but in much smaller portions!

Venison pie, wild boar sausage rolls, cold roast chicken, smoked salmon or trout, pickled herring. Freshly made fish patés according to availability - lobster/crab/salmon, marinated artichokes, fresh bread from a local artisan bakery, a selection of local English cheeses, condiments including chutney, fruit tarts, Kent-grown fresh fruit according to season: (cherries, plums, damsons, apples, pears, quinces, strawberries and apricots, which Henry introduced to England).

And to drink...local ale, wine or cider. Water was unsafe to drink in Henry’s time (hence the gout), but we will provide this of course, or the non-alcoholic version of the king’s tipple – fresh local fruit juice.

This is our 21st century pick from the huge range of foods Henry himself would have eaten, to the tune of a whopping 5,000 calories daily.

You Say...

Jackie, Adelaide, Australia
The picnic was truly delightful - an absolute feast.
Jackie, Adelaide, Australia

They Say...

An Ambassador to the English court, 1517
“…the wealth and civilization of the world are here; and those who call the English barbarians appear to me to render themselves such.”
An Ambassador to the English court, 1517

Did You Know...

"Umami" is a word borrowed from Japanese to mean a delicious, savoury taste. It is now recognised as one of the five basic tastes, together with sweet, sour, bitter, and salt.